Have you been trying to sell your house in Arkansas on your own or even using an agent and just fed up with the wait?  Do you have some situation that is preventing a fast sale from happening?  You’ve come to the right place!  We buy houses in Northwest Arkansas

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Understanding YOUR situation and creating a solution:

  • finding-solutionsProblems:  We realize some sellers are facing a need to sell their house due to divorce, job loss, illness, or potentially some other unexpected event that may have gotten them behind in payments.  Oftentimes, people don’t know the options that are available or, if facing foreclosure, what the foreclosure process even entails.  We take the time to educate the seller on what their options are.


  • Attempting the Sale:  Some sellers have tried to sell their houses using a Realtor and for whatever reason, the job did not get done.  There are times Realtors don’t always give the proper attention to selling a house.  Sometimes the seller can’t budge on the price because they really can’t afford to use the Realtor’s services.  We look at what can be done to remove the barriers of selling the house that will allow a win-win solution for everybody.


  • Trying Alternatives:  Oftentimes, sellers don’t want the hassle of dealing with a Realtor and want a quick sale.  After attempting to do a FSBO for a period of time and dealing with the hassle of showing their house to every “lookie-loo” in the neighborhood, the frustration quickly sets in.  For the right price or terms we can come up with a solution that eliminates a ton of people coming through the house with only a hope to receive an offer.


  • The House Won’t Sell:  Sometimes the property is in such bad condition that the owners don’t know where to turn.  Other times, the neighborhood is pulling down the value of the house.  Realtors may be hesitant to list the property and the homeowner just needs a solution.  If a Realtor couldn’t get it sold and a FSBO attempt didn’t work on your own, we can help!


  • We have many solutions to purchase you house:  We can purchase your house so it can we can rehab and resell it, rent it out, or finance it for a new home owner.  There may even be times where we may be loaded down with projects.  Fortunately, we have a network of other investors and rehabbers that we can offer the property to for a fast solution as well.



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